Monday, March 14, 2016

#Sheyiruns: 5 Interesting Reasons Why You Should Marry A Typical Nigerian Woman

Nigerian women are not only very beautiful but wise. People often say Nigerian women love money, the question is, who doesn’t? Every woman wants a man that can take good care of her and Nigerian women are no exception. For those of you, who may be looking for a strong reason to get hitch with a Nigerian woman. Check out the reasons.

1. Culinary prowess: Cooking from an early age is something most Nigerian moms teach their young daughters and like they say, pratcise makes perfect. So you are sure to have your Nigerian wife thrill you everyday for the rest of your life with the most delicious meals. All you have to do for this is show them love.

2. Homely: An average Nigerian girl is groomed from birth to be everything a man would expect of a woman and a wife. She is taught what it takes to keep a home from a tender age. Being submissive to her husband and treating him like a king is part of what she is made to learn from her mother. Marriage requires a lot to work and a Nigerian girl knows that and she’s ready for it.

3. Family-Oriented: This is an important thing to every Nigerian. A Nigerian knows what it takes to uphold values and what that means is that, your Nigerian wife before marrying you would have been taught to stick with you and make your marriage work as divorce is not part on the Nigerian culture. Therefore, an average Nigerian woman would do all she can to make her marriage work – if she perhaps want out, she must have exhausted all means of fixing the marriage.

4. Hardworking: A Nigerian woman wouldn’t sit back and allow you do all the work. She has been groomed to contribute her own quota to the success of the family. They are taught to be self-reliant and useful.

5. Beautiful and smart: Whether they have formal education or not, an average Nigerian woman is smart. In fact the typical Nigerian situation has taught all its citizens to be the best they can be. And to add to it, a Nigerian woman is beautiful. Genevive Nnaji, Omotola Jalade, Stella Damasus all give credence to this.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

#Sheyiruns: Tips On How To Speed Up A Slow Computer.


One of the characteristics of a computer system is speed, so if your own computer has loses it's speed then you have a problem. In some computer cases, if i'm to boil water and power on some PC surely my water would boil even before some pc finish booting to window enviroment. The slow booting of a computer system to the window enviroment can be traced to some software which would run automatically as soon as you power on your computer which are located at the bottom right hand corner of the computer screen. This can be fixed by clicking on few things..

Steps to make pc boot faster:

(1) Click on "START BUTTON" and navigate to "run"
(2) Then type: Msconfig and click run
(3) A window will pop up then click "STARTUP"
(4) Now you would be presented with bunch of filenames and addressess and boxes with checks in them. Uncheck all the boxes(if possible) then click apply and ok.
Now the computer will ask if you will like to restart. Restart the system and the settings will kick in.
Note: You can use a software called "BOOTVis" to speed up booting automatically"

Monday, February 29, 2016

#Sheyiruns: Nigerian Ladies & The Telemundo Addiction


"There are two kinds of books; those that build you, help you grow and put you on course, and there are those that will destroy you, not because they are fetish but because they fail to follow realities." - Anonymous 

I have witnessed the effects of some of the movies we as Nigerians take delight in and I can say that they are unhealthy for our lives, emotional wise.

For those who remember "Cuando Seas Mia" (When you're mine), being one of the very few first Spanish-Mexican movies that graced our Television set several years ago. Its effect on the average mind was not just of love and admiration but something more devastating beyond running to a neighbour's house to watch when there was power outage. Unfortunately, more of these soaps flooded our screens for no cost and then we thought it was a blessing.

"When you're mine" was my first and my last. Even as a young man, I became squishy and sentimental and would act like I was some love-hungry fellow whose appetite for "True Love" was insatiable. The Utopian Love the soap preached seemed to have started and ended with the movie and could not be found in the real world, our world.

I have seen in some cases where most ladies try to induct their love life with the practices of these "perfect" movies and soaps and the result? Epic fail. Poor ladies! Some dedicate days, some weeks venting their anger on the "insensitivity" of their man and how he does not know and appreciate what true love is.

Korean season love movies, Philippines, Indian soaps, as well as Brazilian season love movies have terribly affected many, particularly our female folks. To some of them, there is love and there is TRUE LOVE. I can tell whether a man or a woman is a product Telemundo and co. upon hearing the words "True Love".

Unfortunately for most ladies, they don't realize that these soaps follow a linear plot, whether Korean or Mexican; a boy and a girl fall in love but an obstacle stays in the way of their love. It's either a wife who is forced on the poor guy or an estranged wife who refused to divorce him for selfish reasons OR an unfortunate young girl finds love in the arms of the master and it takes the young, rich, handsome dude three seasons of the movie to notice the love and another two seasons to get her to look his way.

Regardless, these soaps fail to focus on every day lives and some life's issues that could make relationships tiring at times. They fail to tell how difficult it can be with MTN's airtime sapping technique and how difficult it could take me to put a call through when I'm battling to ward off the sun from melting my brain. Rather, it's about a quest to finding the ultimate - TRUE LOVE. Newsflash, THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS TRUE LOVE! LOVE IS LOVE. If it's sole purpose is to use or take advantage of, then it was never love.

The height of deceits are usually the types of "Strong Love" these people preach but our ladies don't seem to get this. They love to apply abstractions into becoming realities. These soaps cum movies have a way of blinding one's eyes to seeing harsh realities. It is unfair to equate one's relationship with the ones projected in these films. Way unfair!

There are pressing issues in between relationships, which mostly involve keeping heart and soul together. A man cannot dedicate every minute of his life carrying "True Love" on his head like one would do Afro.

Dear ladies, no one is asking you not to watch what you love or what makes you tick. Where the problem lies is comparing Diego and Paloma's love to yours and that of your man. It's a disaster waiting to happen. What is acted in films should stay in films. They're not worth losing your relationships over.

Thanks To Sanchez For This Post.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

#Sheyiruns: Seven ATM Card Safety Tips You Should Know

Today, I will be sharing with you top 7 safety tips on how you can use your Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card for online and offline transactions.

Follow me as I lead you.

1. Keep your PIN Secret: DO NOT write your Personal Identification Number (PIN) on paper or give it out to anyone, including friends and family, and do not reveal it to anyone over the phone. Avoid using numbers that are easily identified (birth date, phone number, etc.) with your personal identity. Report lost or stolen cards immediately to your bank.

2. Review your card account frequently: If you notice any irregularities e.g. charges on items you didn’t order, cash withdrawals you didn’t make, etc. Put a call to your bank immediately to report this.

3. Always check your email for transaction updates: The email notification service is free and compulsory for the safety of your account. To enroll for this service visit your bank branch near you.

4. Hotlist immediately: If your card is retracted at an ATM, be sure to hotlist your card while you are still at the ATM. To hotlist your card, kindly send ‘HOTLIST<NUBAN>’ to 08076665555 for Gtbank.

5. Keep your eye on your card: Ensure your card is in your clear view whenever an attendant at a shop wants to swipe your card. DO NOT allow the attendant take your card into an inner room or enter your PIN on your behalf.

6. Free Trials are not ‘free’. If you initiate a trial subscription with a merchant, make sure you go back to the website to cancel your account before your free trial expires. Otherwise, you will be charged by them in subsequent months.

7. Carefully Read the Terms and Conditions when making reservations as some reservations are non-refundable. Make sure you cancel your reservation on or before the due date to prevent no-show charges if you do not show up.

If you follow this tips very well, you won't have issues using your ATM card and the complains to the banks will stop.

Monday, February 15, 2016

#Sheyiruns: Four Things I’ve Never Seen As A Nigerian


1. 120 Hours of Electricity:
It seemed that we only had light when an intern was being shown around the PHCN building that controls our light. Then the tour guide would pull down the lever, so there will be light, then he’ll say to the intern, “now that’s how to turn the light on, and this is how to turn it off.” With that, the light goes off again until another intern is being shown around, three weeks later.

2. A Yoruba movie without juju:
Yes o. This one is impossible. It’s like saying you want to cook egusi soup without using egusi; or you want to sleep without closing your eyes. A Yoruba movie without some voodoo in the plot has not existed yet. Babalawo ti take over!

3. An Albino’s Obituary Poster:
There is no need to explain what an albino is. The thing people need to explain is why no one has ever seen an obituary poster for an albino. Or have you ever seen one? A conspiratory theory might say that albinos don’t die. Hmm. Maybe they have a point.

4. A Female Obioma:
‘Obioma’ is a name given to people who carry small sewing machines around from house to house, street to street to mend clothes at your doorstep. My entire life, I have never seen a woman do this job. It seems to be restricted in some way, to only the men folk. If you have ever seen a female obioma, maybe it was in a nollywood movie- oh, or a dream.

Thanks To escapedmydiary

Monday, February 8, 2016

Sheyiruns: 5 Reasons I Think Don Jazzy Might Be The Greatest Nigerian Producer

Don Jazzy is undoubtedly one of the hottest producers in Nigeria right now, and that’s without a question. But could he be the greatest Nigerian producer ever?
Here why I think So...

1. Some Of The Best Hits and Albums
Don Jazzy’s discography is simply outstanding, and when you look at it, he’s been directly responsible for the production of some of the greatest Nigerian albums of the past decade; Dbanj – No Long Thing (2005), Dbanj – RunDown Funk U Up (2006), Dbanj – Entertainer (2008), Wande Coal – Mushin To Mohits (2009), Mo-Hits All Stars (2008), Dr SID – Turning Point (2010, Mavins – Solar Plexus (2012).
And the singles? Way too many to list out but let’s highlight the big ones, Dbanj – Fall In Love, Wande Coal – Bumper to Bumper, D’Prince – Omoba, Dbanj – Gbono Feli Feli, Dr Sid – Over The Moon, Dbanj – Oliver Twist, Mavins – Dorobucci, Dr Sid – Surulere and the list can go on and on.

2. He Can Reinvent Himself
Usually when big break ups happen like the break up of Mo-Hits, it tends to spell the beginning of the end for all parties. Everyone figured Dbanj and Don Jazzy would go on to have decent careers but most predictions had it that it’ll never be as high as it was.

Fast forward 3 years, and Don Jazzy has reinvented himself and re-branded in the name of Mavins, and has amassed a whole new squad of hit makers in Tiwa Savage, Dr Sid, Korede Bello, Dija, Reekado Banks and D’Prince. He’s found a way to have the hottest record label in Nigeria once again. Talk about bouncing back up like a rubber ball.

3. Made Some Big Artists
Dbanj, Wande Coal, Dr Sid and D’Prince all owe a huge amount of their success to aligning themselves up with Don Jazzy. It’s an outstanding attribute to have the ability to harness someone’s talent and kick it into high gear. With Korede Bello, Dija, and Reekado Banks slowly becoming household names, it’s clear that Don Jazzy’s earlier achievements is no fluke.

4. Social Media Promo
One thing is clear about Don Jazzy. He doesn’t just understand music, he understands entertainment and the ability to use modern tools to market it. When you take a look at how huge Oliver Twist got with the competition, how Doro in Dorobucci became the slang of 2015, and other major social media trends he’s created just from his music, you realize that Don Baba J is not just a beat maker, but a entertainment business mogul.

5. Longevity
It’s been a solid 13 years that Don Jazzy has been active in the industry, and it’s interesting that there aren’t many moments where he is not in the conversation as being the best producer at that moment. With his ability to reinvent himself, pick out talent, and harness it, you can see Don Jazzy being in the game till he decides he’s tired or maybe creates a product and chills out like Dr Dre.

Thanks To Yarnvibes

Monday, February 1, 2016

#Sheyiruns: How To Fix Blue Screen Of Death & System Auto Restart Issue

Blue Screen of Death, otherwise known as BSOD, STOP or blue screen, is a common error that happens once or twice in the life of every computer. This error comes in many forms; sometimes, it just comes up and hangs your PC. At other times, it simply restarts your PC immediately, after displaying the blue screen error.

What causes BSOD?

BSOD is usually caused by recently installed programs or viruses, that tamper with the Windows Essential Files, modifying them and thereby making them unsable by Windows. This results in the BSOD. This can be really frustrating, especially if you are working on a very important project on your PC. This guide will show you how to fix the BSOD in just some simple steps.

How do I fix BSOD?

Depending on the kind of BSOD error, it can sometimes take hours to fix. The first step you should take is by asking yourself what you just did on your PC, which resulted in the BSOD. Think very deeply. Oh yeah! You remember now? Recall yourself clicking the left button on your mouse like crazy just to download that amazing game. And after you downloaded and installed, what happened next? BSOD!!!

Easiest Methods to Resolve BSOD

- Uninstall any newly installed program(s)

- Boot your PC using Last Known Good Configuration (while system is booting keeping pressing the F8 button to to undo recent registry and driver changes.

- Use System Restore to undo recent system changes.

- Roll Back device driver to previous version prior to your driver update.

After trying all the above and they don't fix your BSOD error, do not panic. Hope is not lost.

Final Solution

- Download this program: Blue Screen of Death Fixer -

- Run Installer

- After Installation, run the program.

- Click on SCAN and allow the program to find all BSOD errors.

Now, click REPAIR button and patiently wait for the program to do it's job.

After that, restart your PC and your BSOD error is gone!

Thanks to naijatechscout

Monday, January 25, 2016

#Sheyiruns:Things That Could Make You Hate Lagos As A JJC

Its always been the good part of Lagos all day, Now let's talk about the negative.
Lagos state is a land of opportunities. It is the commercial capital of Nigeria with unofficially a population of 23 million people 'hustling' to have a bite of the good fortunes of the land. Lagos has a couple of adverse sides a newcomer will have to adapt to and live with.

Below are some common reasons you may never to come to Lagos state:


Lagos is highly populated with thousands of people plying limited road networks to work early in the morning and also returning late in the evening. There have been several cases of people spending over 5hrs in traffic merely moving from Mainland to the Island in Lagos. This poses a huge challenge in the movement of goods and services.

Cost of accommodation:

Rent in Lagos is very expensive. Most landlords will only rent their houses out if you are ready to pay a 2-year rent. You go through agents who will demand a large sum of money. The 'agreement fee' at times is much enough to rent a two bedroom flat in a cheap area like Ibadan.

The beggars:

The beggars in Lagos come in different dimensions. Someone can appear smarter and more expensive than you in Lagos and still beg you for money. They constantly stop you with pitiful stories and faces. Ignoring them sometimes has a way of affecting one's conscience especially if you are the soft type.

Incessant cases of traffic robbery:

CMS, Mile 2, Ikorodu, Orile, Iyana Oba and several other areas have high records of traffic robbers who dispose commuters of their hard-earned belongings.

Transport cost:

In Lagos people tend to draw a scale of preference on movement. Movement to work is mandatory while others can wait except too important due to the high cost of moving around. For this reasons, most friendships are relegated to online interactions and nothing more.


Lagos is too congested with people. The town planning system of some areas like Satellite town in Amuwo Odofin, Mushin, Okokomaiko, Ajegunle, Oyingbo etc is very poor which affects the ventilation in houses. This could frustrate a newcomer especially when the weather is sunny.

Milking Churches :

A close study of some churches in Lagos has brought me to the conclusion that some preachings are directed at the congregation's pockets. The churches are always in need of one thing or the other. The speakers psyche you up to even drop what you don't have by faith.

The level of hypocrisy in Lagos is epic:

That club girl that was dancing like a possessed person at the club on a Friday night with that skimpy cloth that puts her endowments on display maybe the sister leading the praise and worship session in a church on Sunday,

but Hey! Like I've always said....This is why Lagos is best place for anyone 'Survival Of The Fittest'.

Everyone takes up different characters just to bring the money home and pay bills.

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